Friday, November 23, 2012

Things I Have a Thing For

Santa knows when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, and he knows when you've been up all night staring at clothes on the J. Crew website. He also knows that, despite the wonderful Black Friday promo codes (COLOR25 for free JCrew shipping), you are not spending that kind of dough on yourself this time of year.

That's where he comes in.

Santa wants to give you those work clothes you've been needing all year long. He wants to give you those comfy moccasins to slip on when you're running late to class. Santa wants you to look good.

These are the items I'm coveting this year, and they might make great gifts for somebody you know, too!

Sequin polka dot tee, $98. Saddle peacoat popover, $199. Red mini, $45. Sequin draped tee, $46.50

 Tartan button-up, $49.50. Chambray, $49.50. Lodge moccasin, $39. Petite pinspot skinnies, $80.

What are you asking for from the big man in red? Whatever it is, remind him that the best sales are happening right now! ;)

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