Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Madness

We both knew this was going to happen. Spring semester started and I completely neglected my blogging duties, despite the fact that it's far more enthralling than homework. I'm really going to try to get better at keeping this updated!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my Valentine's day merrymaking so far (I've already been celebrating for over a week even though the actual day is tomorrow). There's nothing more fun than surprising people you like with cute little gifts, and having a little more pink & red in your everyday life is never a bad thing.

The upside to having a young boss with great style: she gives the cutest gifts! This adorable Stella & Dot bracelet is the start of my new arm candy collection.

When I saw this little decorating set on sale at Typo, I immediately added "make cupcakes for the office" to my Valentine to-do list. I went with the chocolate ganache cupcakes from one of my previous posts and they turned out so cute!

At the corner of Kearny & California in the the Financial District, there's this amazing little pop-up bakery called Batter. See all those glass jars on the shelves? They are usually FILLED with fresh, colorful treats for a lunchtime sweet tooth. I made it my mission to happened to walk by today and got my hands on three of these iced sugar cookies to give out as much-needed thank you gifts.

Hope you're all having a great Valentine month! Spoil yourself and the people you like a little bit. But mostly yourself.

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