Monday, March 4, 2013

Embarcadero, Ferry Building, & Pier 39

Ended up slacking on this yet again! Time to play catch up with some thank you's and a mini tour of my recent city slickin' activities.

First off, thank you guys for such a big response to my post on the 3-Day Detox! It's so cool to hear that it's working for so many different people. Thanks for working your magic, Dr. Oz!

The past couple weeks have been full of San Francisco adventures. I've been realizing how much I'm going to miss living here and that I haven't been taking full advantage of all the unique things to see and do. To fix that, I'll be trying to knock as many things off my San Francisco checklist as possible, from "touristy" trips to visiting local haunts.

Andrew isn't a huge fan of the hustle & bustle of the city, so I try to think of things that replicate what we'd do on weekends in our hometown when he visits. He also rarely came to the city as a kid, which makes me want to show him the more touristy/gimmicky stuff. That combo turned into an awesome day along the Embarcadero!

On Saturday morning we took the light rail over to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, which is easily one of the best farmer's markets you'll ever go to. We decided to start off with this because it's something he loves to do in our little hometown, too. I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures there, but I was too busy falling in love with everything!

Being around all that amazing food had both of our mouths watering, and if there's one thing Andrew and I can agree on it's a good old-fashioned American meal. Gott's Roadside is a great burger joint in the Ferry Building with tons of outdoor seating - what's better than garlic fries and people-watching? Garlic fries and dog-watching of course!

Andrew ordered the cheeseburger with everything, I got the classic hamburger (I'm boring, sorry I'm not sorry), and for our healthy option we went with garlic fries - hey, they're green right? I'll take what I can get. Whoever you are, whatever diet you're on, get these garlic fires. Just do it and thank me later. As for the burgers, Gott's uses 100% farm-raised Niman Ranch beef, veggies grown on their own farm, and the most delicious toasted egg buns. The fresh ingredients make all the difference!

After stuffing our faces casually enjoying our awesome meal, we started walking down the Embarcadero to Pier 39. I hadn't spent much time down there in forever, so it was nice to soak it all in and make mental notes of other places to try (hello, Slanted Door and Plant Cafe).

The Pier was full of happy tourists and kids with ice cream cones! We took our sweet time walking around looking at the little shops and kiosks, then we watched the sea lions act out a melodramatic soap opera on the docks. Still can't figure out what they were all blubbering about (I really couldn't help myself with that one, sorry).

My favorite part was seeing my 21-year-old boyfriend get all excited about the magic show being performed on the Pier. Mission "Act Like a Kid Again": Accomplished!


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